jessica mashburnAs adults, we very seldom come across a fairy tale that can not only speak to our inner child, but also to our evolving & sometimes wounded souls. From the first page, I found myself immediately connected to the beautiful imagery of the author’s heart held pen. Her choice of words & graceful phrasing, created a calming rhythmic flow that allowed the intended healing to begin with ease. The harmonious simplicity of the story empowers the reader to transpose the message to their own needs. This book would not only be a wonderful tool to achieve harmony within, but would also be a thoughtful & magical gift for a friend or family member in need of meaningful healing.

Jessica Mashburn – Vocalist and Musician

sunflower rain2My daughter died leaving 5 children. This book, a gift from the author, was heaven sent for my grandchildren. It helped them understand that while life seems very cold and hurtful right now, the clouds will life and there is hope for life after the death of their mother. The story of healing was very comforting for me as an adult and gave me hope also. There is no big black hole that will gobble us up even though we wish for it, it does not exist. We must get up each day and live. This book put that into perspective for me and my family. Thank you Felicia Brown!


twosunflowersOur granddaughter is about to enter the turbulent teen years and we purchased The Sunflower Princess as a gift for her to provide her with something to fall back on when the emotional roller-coaster events confront her. Perhaps she may share it with friends when they too experience challenging situations and can find support in such a gentle presentation of coping with emotional situations.


cropped-sunflowers-by-nuttakit.jpgThis is a very sweet book. It really makes you look at your own life, and realize the important things in life. It is a great book for anyone who has suffered a loss or questions their own worth. I recommend it highly!

Shirley Nixon

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