Facebook: Finding the Good in the Bad

Not long ago, a former business colleague who has suffered more than her fair share of difficulties and set-backs of late, was feeling pretty down in the dumps. Why? Facebook!

She recently broke her arm and had to have a pretty extensive surgery to repair the bone. During her recovery, with probably too much time on her hands since she can’t engage in many of her normal activities, she’s gotten overwhelmed by all the amazing things happening in other people’s lives – or at least all the good things they’ve been sharing on Facebook.

2015-10-24 13.24.08I feel for her, and have had that same experience, both personally and professionally. When your life is feeling pretty sucky, there are just some days when the last thing you feel like seeing is how GREAT everyone else’s is going! At times like those, all you really want is for someone to show up with a tub or two of Ben & Jerry’s and a few hours during which you can commiserate and drown your mutual sorrows by the spoonful.

Still, I want people to share their good stuff online. As I said to my friend, one thing we have to remember about Facebook is that some people post only their most exciting things, often glamorizing them to boot – and fail to share the tougher things in life. In a way this is good – there is so much negativity out there – and so much darkness – that I’d really rather know the good stuff anyway. Yet, when you are hurting, it can only make you feel worse about yourself., like there is something lacking in your own life.

You are enough just as you are. By helping even one person you can change the world. Often, when you are willing to share your difficult times, whether on Facebook, other social media sites, or elsewhere, you can make a HUGE difference just by sharing a piece of a broken heart. It may not come with any ice cream, but allowing others to see that you too have struggles may be exactly what THEY need to get through their own difficult time. It may not be as sweet as ice cream, but there is a deep level comfort which comes from knowing you are not alone in having challenges.

Whatever difficulties you are going through, Sunflower, you will get through them. Don’t be afraid to reach out for support or to tell your story to someone who may need to hear it as much as you need to get it off your chest. Sending love and healing prayers your way:-)

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